GRAB! (10x Oops!) | Sticker Sheet


This delightful GRAB! bundle includes 10x imperfect planner sticker sheets. Embrace the charm of imperfection with our kawaii sticker grab bags, featuring a random selection of adorable stickers from dokii studio. It’s a delightful and unique way to enjoy a cute sticker bundle filled with surprises! ♡

Inside this mystery pack, you might come across a few ‘oopsies’ – perhaps a slight alignment slip, a minuscule ink dot, or a teensy tear from the cutting machine. We might even throw in a few discontinued or extra stock items for good measure. Fear not! These stickers are still sticker superheroes, doing their job just like they should!

By grabbing our ‘GRAB!’ sticker pack, you’re giving these stickers a new lease on life and helping us cut down on waste. Thanks for being an eco-friendly sticker lover ♡

*The bundle will be based on the Size and Type you select. If you don’t mind, please select “Mix”.

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Size Guide

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If you’re interested in using dokii studio designs for commercial use, please drop me a message and we can discuss ♡

© 2022 dokii studio. All rights reserved.

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