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Tip the Artist @ dokii studio

β˜† Tips are always appreciated and completely optional – thank you so much! β˜†


Nice to meet you! My name is Sarah and I am the creator behind the heart-cheek smiley illustrations you see here @ dokii studio!

Each dokii illustration is designed with love and a smile, so I appreciate all the love and support you give for my art and small business!

As always, I hope my art will add a kawaii touch to your day and help you create a colourful spread that makes you smile! With your support, I can’t wait to share more creations with you all β™‘

Sarah @

Fancy treating me to a virtual cup of joe? πŸ§‹

Your support goes a long way in fueling my creative journey at dokii studio β™‘

Every “tip” you share here brews up into art supplies, an ad budget, and the equipment needed to help my little brand grow. It truly perks me up and keeps the smiles flowing through my creations!

Thanks a latte β˜•πŸ’•